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Convicts freed from North Darfur prison

June 3 - 2016 SARAF UMRA
Prison cell in Sudan (file photo)
Prison cell in Sudan (file photo)

Militiamen attacked a prison in North Darfur and freed all prisoners, several of whom face charges for heavy crimes, on Thursday. It is at least the third attack of its kind on Saraf Umra's prison.

The attackers drove a Land Cruisers with a machinegun on top, while others were on foot when they stormed the prison in Saraf Umra locality at 2am. The attack came from the western and eastern sides of the prison.

According to a camp coordinator in Saraf Umra, Sheikh Abdelrazig Yousif Suleiman, the militiamen threatened the prison guards and freed the prisoners by force, and fled. They were reportedly convicted for murder, rape, or theft.

In May 2015, members of a pro-government militia stormed Saraf Umra town where they released two men from prison who were sentenced to death.

In separate incidents from 2014 to 2014, members of a militia killed two policemen and wounded three others in separate incidents at the prison. Three vehicles were stolen and various weapons and ammunition were seized.


Armed men spring convicted prisoners in North Darfur (15 May 2015)

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