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Independent news from the heart of Darfur and Sudan
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✓ daily independent, unbiased news and information for Sudanese people
✓ more press freedom and freedom of opinion in Sudan
✓ reaching 3.3 million people through Radio Dabanga's shortwave radio, satellite television, website and social media

Indepent news is crucial!

Radio Dabanga believes that all Sudanese have the right to know what the latest and unbiased news is about the situation in their country. They have the right to hear and read what they can do to protect themselves from harm and hazards related to human rights, war and (gender-based) violence, and health risks such as infectious diseases like cholera.


Right to be heard

Radio Dabanga also believes in freedom of expression. People have the right to speak out and be heard. Whether they have experienced violent events and health risks, or have an opinion on the political and economic matters in Sudan. Since its launch, Dabanga has asked the Sudanese people to share their experiences and opinions: literally giving a voice to everyone.

How can you help us?

In light of World Radio Day on February 13th, 2019, you can help us deliver the independent information the world needs, at a time when press freedom is especially under threat in Sudan. Our editorial independence means that we can continue to provide factual updates about ongoing protests to Sudanese and international actors, educate people about how to avoid outbreaks of disease, and provide a window to the world for those in all corners of Sudan.

Your support can help us continue making a difference in the lives of millions of Sudanese who rely on Radio Dabanga for life-saving information!

Thank you!


As a special thank you for our supporters, you can receive a personal postcard in the mail from the Radio Dabanga team! E-mail us at if you wish to receive one, with e-mail subject Postcard Thank You.

* The links will redirect you to our donation page on (which translates as 'give'), a platform to easily donate money to Dutch charities. The Radio Dabanga central desk operates in exile from the Netherlands.

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