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Independent news from the heart of Darfur and Sudan

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March 6 - 2015 EL RADOOM / ADILA / TAWILA

Drinking water crises throughout Darfur

Obtaining drinking water in South Darfur proves to be difficult for the residents of one village, owing to the stalling of the only operating water engine in the area.
March 5 - 2015 WASHINGTON

‘Target Sudan with sanctions on gold exports’: US think-tank

In order to support peace and human rights in Sudan, the USA should pressure the country’s regime economically and financially. It should connect those pressures to serious policy...
March 5 - 2015 EL GENEINA

Darfur security ‘top priority’ in Al Bashir electoral programme

President Omar Al Bashir has pledged to bring peace and restore security to Darfur through the elimination of what he called “the insurgency”, and disarming all who do not ...

Militia kill one in attempt to spring arrestees from Central Darfur police

A group of pro-government militiamen open fire on villagers in Garsila area, intervening in their attempt to release two militiamen from police custody.

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March 5 - 2015 NYALA

South Darfur Humanitarian Aid Commissioner’s car stolen

The vehicle of the head of the Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) in South Darfur was stolen in front of his house in Nyala on Tuesday.

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December 22 - 2014 LONDON

Letter on Sudan to Ban Ki-Moon signed by 123 NGOs, representatives

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda addressing the UN Security Council on 12 December 2014 (UN)
A large group of international and Sudanese NGOs, individuals, and representatives of Sudanese political parties have written a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon regarding...

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