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April 24 - 2019 KHARTOUM

Senior US delegation meets with Sudan’s military council, opposition leaders

The US Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Africa and The Sudans, Makila James, held meetings with Lt Gen Abdelfattah Al Burhan and representatives of Sudan’s Transitional Military...
April 23 - 2019 DABANGA SUDAN

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Protesters deliver memo of demands to West Kordofan military commander

The forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change in Babanusa in West Kordofan have called on the military authorities to carry out all the demands they made after the march...
April 23 - 2019 EL LERI

Six dead in South Kordofan clashes

The death toll in clashes between security forces and residents of El Leri in Talodi locality in South Kordofan has risen to six and more than 10 wounded until Monday.

Hundreds ride ‘freedom train’ from Atbara to Khartoum

April 23 - 2019 ATBARA / KHARTOUM

Hundreds of people have ridden on what activists call the ‘freedom train’, from the headquarter of the Sudanese Railways in Atbara, River Nile state, to the capital Khartoum, to swell the sit-in outside the General Command of the Sudanese army, and to provide those already at the sit-in with food and supplies.

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April 23 - 2019 KUTUM

North Darfur: 12 injured in Kutum unrest

The governor of North Darfur, Maj Gen Malik Khojali, said 12 people were wounded, including a policeman, and the burning of the offices of the National Intelligence and Security...

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April 19 - 2019 KHARTOUM

Sudan authorities seize Al Bashir cash stash

Officers display some of the cash hoard found at the residence of deposed President Omar Al Bashir yesterday
Sudanese authorities confirm that a substantial amount of cash has been seized during a search of deposed President Omar Al Bashir’s residence in Khartoum yesterday. The cash has...

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