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May 30 - 2015 MERSHING

Large fire displaces families in South Darfur camp

A massive fire, the second in two months, inside a camp for displaced people burns down more than twenty residences.
May 29 - 2015 BIELEL

Militiamen kill displaced woman, attack others in South Darfur

Militiamen attack a group of displaced people in Bielel locality. Their attempt to rape a women result in killing her, and injuring her husband.
May 29 - 2015 EL FASHER

Displaced in North Darfur camp "beg for food"

Many displaced people in Zamzam camp face conditions described as “tragic and disastrous”, and shortages of food and medicines.

Darfur rebels commit to protect children in conflict region

"We also bear responsibility for the protection of children as parties to the conflict in Darfur and Sudan."

Three shot dead by militiamen in Darfur, people demand trials


Members of a paramilitary force kill three men in two incidents in South Darfur on Thursday. In Central Darfur, people demand to take a militia leader and militiamen to trial.

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May 29 - 2015 KHARTOUM

Protesting students attacked in Sudan's capital

A new attack by pro-government students against protesting students in a university in Khartoum leads to the injury of one.

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May 25 - 2015 STOCKHOLM

SPLM-N to attend European Parliament hearing on Sudan

Malik Agar, chairman of both the SPLM-N and the SRF rebel alliance (L), and Yasir Arman, SPLM-M Secretary-General and SRF External Relations Officer (file photo)
The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) has accepted the invitation of the European Parliament for a meeting in June. Mubarak Ardol, spokesman for the SPLM-N negotiation...

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