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October 15 - 2021 KHARTOUM

Sudanese lawyers call for a civilian govt

On Thursday, hundreds of jurists demonstrated in Khartoum, demanding the military members of the Sovereignty Council to adhere to the Constitutional Document and handing over power...
October 15 - 2021 SIRBA / ABU JUBEIHA / KADUGLI

Armed robberies, killings continue in South Kordofan, Darfur

During the past two weeks, a cattle-owner and a farmer were shot dead in South Kordofan. A displaced man was killed in a robbery in West Darfur. Speaking to Radio Dabanga from...
October 14 - 2021 KHARTOUM

'GIS travel ban' escalates tensions between Sudan govt’s military and civilian components

The crisis between the military and civilian components of Sudan’s transitional government has escalated significantly after reports that the General Intelligence Service (GIS)...
October 14 - 2021 KHARTOUM

Health Ministry: COVID-19 jabs now available to all 18+ Sudanese

The Director of Unified Immunisation at Sudan’s federal Ministry of Health, Dr Ismail El Adani, has announced the availability of corona vaccines for people over 18 years. He called...

Economist warns for ‘dire consequences’ of Sudan’s political tensions

October 15 - 2021 KHARTOUM

Economic expert Hasan Bashir has warned for the negative effects of the current political tensions on the domestic economy, as well as foreign investments. In Khartoum, school lessons have temporarily been brought back to four hours daily because of the scarcity of bread. The Ministry of Trade has set up arrangements with neighbouring countries to transport import goods over land.

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October 14 - 2021 PORT SUDAN

UNITAMS delegation calls for dialogue to break Eastern Sudan Track impasse

The closure of ports and highways in Red Sea state continued yesterday for the 27th day. A delegation from the UN Integrated Mission to Support the Transition in Sudan (UNITAMS)...

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October 12 - 2021 KHARTOUM

El Burhan: Current Sudan govt must be dissolved

The head of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, Lt Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan (Photo: SUNA)
The head of Sudan’s Sovereignty Council, Lt Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan, stressed that there is no solution to the current situation except by dissolving the transitional government.
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October 11 - 2021 DALAMI / EL GENEINA / GIREIDA

Kordofan, Darfur shootings leave seven dead

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