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April 21 - 2015 WASHINGTON DC

Troika say Sudan election does not reflect 'will of the people'

The US, UK and Norway regret Sudan's "failure to create a free, fair and conducive elections environment" in a joint statement, condemning violent acts by the regime.

Darfur’s militiamen lash women, shoot man near camps

At least three civilians sustain injuries when militiamen carry out attacks throughout the Darfur region, along with the theft of another vehicle in Nyala.
April 21 - 2015 KHARTOUM

’Measles spread in Darfur, eastern Sudan’: health ministry

Twenty-five people have died from measles, the federal Ministry of Health reports, as the number of confirmed cases is on the rise in six of Sudan's states.

Sudanese gunmen attack West Kordofan oil field

In an attack by gunmen on one of the oil fields near the South Sudan border, a policeman and one gunman were killed. The militant group claims killing many more policemen.

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April 21 - 2015 KHARTOUM

Newspaper confiscated by Sudan security

The national security service NISS confiscates another newspaper, El Sudani, in Khartoum, in a wide crackdown on press freedom since the electoral process.

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December 22 - 2014 LONDON

Letter on Sudan to Ban Ki-Moon signed by 123 NGOs, representatives

ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda addressing the UN Security Council on 12 December 2014 (UN)
A large group of international and Sudanese NGOs, individuals, and representatives of Sudanese political parties have written a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon regarding...

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