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November 30 - 2015 ADDIS ABABA

Darfur rebel leader call to save 18 condemned fighters

Minni Minawi, the leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-MM) has called for a local, regional, and international campaign to save 18 of his affiliates sentenced to death. In...
November 30 - 2015 DELEIG

Militiamen spring comrades in Central Darfur raid

Militiamen raided the police station of Deleig in Central Darfur on Sunday morning and released a number of their comrades. Listeners told Radio Dabanga that a group of militiamen...
November 30 - 2015 KHARTOUM

‘Immunity for Sudanese govt. officials should be abolished’

The former Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Abdeldaim Zamrawi, has accused Sudanese prosecution offices of covering-up corruption cases. In a workshop in Khartoum on...
November 30 - 2015 KHARTOUM

Arrest warrants out for two South Sudanese pastors

A Court of Appeal in Khartoum Bahri has issued arrest warrants for the two South Sudanese pastors previously acquitted of espionage and other charges. Defence lawyer Ahmed El...

Dozens of students injured, held in Sudan’s El Gezira Aba

November 30 - 2015 EL GEZIRA ABA

Dozens were injured on Sunday in clashes between protesting students and militant student members of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) at the Imam El Mahdi University in central Sudan’s El Gezira Aba.

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November 30 - 2015 EL KHUMS

Sudanese slain, two others injured in Libyan robbery

A Sudanese national was killed and two others were wounded during and armed robbery in El Khums in Libya on Saturday. Abdallah El Tijani, a relative of the deceased, reported...

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November 27 - 2015 MASHROU ABU ZEID

Rabid camel kills two girls in Darfur's Jebel Marra

A camel grazing in a recently-harvested cereal field in Kabkabiya, North Darfur (Z. Jones/FAO)
Two girls have been killed by a rabid camel in East Jebel Marra, crushing and biting them. Many residents are concerned about the spread of rabies among animals in the area.
One year after their first deployment in Darfur, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) drive in armoured vehicles in East Jebel Marra in January 2015 to fight against armed movements (SAF)
November 27 - 2015 EL FASHER

Darfur court sentenced to death 18 fighters

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