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Herders, farmers clash over land in East Darfur’s Yassin locality

Five people were killed and seven others injured in tribal clashes in Seleia, Yassin locality, on Wednesday. After a dispute over farmlands between herders of the Arab Khozam...
July 2 - 2015 KHARTOUM

Housing crisis of Darfuri women students in Khartoum not yet solved

The housing crisis of Darfuri women students in Khartoum has not yet been addressed in a comprehensive manner, says the Darfur Students Association. Saadia El Sheikh, senior member...
July 2 - 2015 KHARTOUM

Japanese-Unido soybean project successfully handed over to Sudan centre

A large soybean production and distribution project in Khartoum and El Gezira states was successfully concluded last month. The project, sponsored by the Government of Japan with...
July 2 - 2015 ZAMZAM CAMP

Seven women die of measles in Zamzam camp, North Darfur

Measles is rapidly spreading among adults in the densely populated Zamzam camp for the displaced in North Darfur. During the past weeks, seven women, three of them breast-feeding,...

Protests in eastern Sudan’s El Butana against new factory

July 2 - 2015 EL GEDAREF

Dozens of people living in El Sabag in El Butana, El Gedaref state, protested on Wednesday against the establishment of a factory near the only water source in the area.

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July 2 - 2015 WADI HALFA

Police officer assaults physician in Sudan’s Northern State

A woman doctor at Wadi Halfa Hospital in the Northern State was hit by a police officer, in a conflict over complications that occurred after the officer’s wife had been operated....

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June 28 - 2015 KHARTOUM

Sudanese Public Order Court starts trial of one Christian student

Sudanese students at El Ahfad University for Women (
The Public Order Court in Khartoum North this morning dealt with the case of one of the ten Christian women students who were charged with wearing indecent dress on Friday. A...

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