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November 17 - 2017 KHARTOUM

USA, Sudan hold talks, Khartoum to sever ties with North Korea

The visiting United States Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan and Sudan's Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour has endorsed a roadmap for the second phase of talks on the normalisation...
November 17 - 2017 TOKAR

Red Sea hospital reports new 'watery diarrhoea' cases

A health source in Red Sea state reported that nine cases of “acute watery diarrhoea” are being treated in the hospital in Tokar on Wednesday.
November 17 - 2017 KHARTOUM

Sudan Pound exchange rate plunges further to SDG28

The Sudanese Pound has continued its plunge against the U.S. Dollar, marking a historic rate of SDG28 in the black market on Thursday. Economic experts repeatedly said that the...
November 17 - 2017 EL GENEINA

Dispute between West Darfur hospital and striking interns

Interns at hospitals in West Darfur started an open-ended strike on Wednesday against the monthly incentive of SDG1,000 ($149) instead of double. The interns risk being dismissed...

Displaced set strict rules for camp searches by Sudan forces

November 17 - 2017 ZALINGEI

In a shift from the general rejection of the search for weapons in camps for displaced people on the presence of illegally held weapons, displaced people have started to welcome the inspection campaign. A search in a Central Darfur camp resulted in no weapons being found.

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November 16 - 2017 KHARTOUM

Al Bashir: ‘ICC should try South Sudan leaders for war crimes’

Sudan President Al Bashir has said that the atrocities that have accompanied the civil war in South Sudan since December 2013 should have put the leaders of the newly-born state...

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November 13 - 2017 KABKABIYA

Ex-rebels chase away militants near North Darfur camp

The Sortony site in North Darfur where mainly the  displaced people from Jebel Marra sought refuge in the first half of 2016 (Marc Prost/WFP)
A clash broke out between former rebel fighters and a group of militants, east of camp Sortony in Kabkabiya, on Saturday.

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