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September 29 - 2016 EL GEDAREF

Pests damage crops in Sudan’s El Gedaref

Several farmers in Sudan’s El Gedaref state adjacent to the Ethiopian border complain that a pest referred to locally as ‘American worm’ has damaged about 500 acres of sorghum...
September 29 - 2016 EASTERN CHAD

Sudanese refugees in Chad reject voluntary return

The Sudanese refugees in camp Treguine and Bredjing in eastern Chad have rejected voluntary return to their home areas in a meeting with a government delegation on Monday.
September 28 - 2016 KHARTOUM

Sudan VP calls for protection of medical staff

Sudan’s Second Vice-President, Hassabo Mohamed Abdelrahman, has called for the provision of security at hospitals and the emergency units, as well as adherence to access-control...
September 28 - 2016 DERIBAT

Shoppers beaten, held at Darfur market

Agents of military intelligence beat and detained two shoppers at Deribat market in Darfur’s East Jebel Marra this afternoon.

Sudan’s Al Bashir: ‘No negotiations abroad’

September 29 - 2016 KHARTOUM

Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir has ruled-out any peace negotiations abroad, insisting the National Dialogue be held within Sudan

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September 28 - 2016 KABKABIYA

North Darfur schoolgirl raped, three escape

A 14-year-old schoolgirl was repeatedly raped, allegedly by elements of the Rapid Support militia in Kabkabiya locality in North Darfur today.

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September 25 - 2016 MURNEI / GARSILA / SORTONY

Malaria spreading, health care deteriorating in Darfur

Three health clinics and nutrition centers in Zamzam camp for the displaced in North Darfur treat thousands of patients every week (OCHA Sudan)
Displaced people in Darfur complain about the spread of malaria, deterioration of health services, and soaring prices of medicines. “There is not a family here in Murnei camp...

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