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February 26 - 2017 KHARTOUM

Bread shortage as Khartoum bakeries shut-down

People in Khartoum and other Sudanese towns are complaining about difficulty buying bread. Several bakeries have closed because they did not receive their official flour ration...
February 26 - 2017 DONGOLA

Odour from wells sparks cholera scare in Sudan’s Northern State

Residents in Sudan’s Northern State have complained of an unpleasant odour in drinking water, and have voiced their fear for infection with cholera or watery diarrhoea that has...
February 26 - 2017 TRIPOLI

Triangular agreement allows for vehicles to be shipped from Libya to Sudan via Egypt

The Libyan News Agency El Tadamon reports that the authorities allowed the shipment of vehicles from Libya to Sudan through Egypt after the approval of the governments of the three...
February 26 - 2017 KHARTOUM

Khartoum Oud Music Festival concludes in Sudan

The second Khartoum Oud Music Festival was concluded on Saturday with a performance by the famous Iraqi musician Naseer Shamma* and his band.

‘Considerable embezzlement, irregularities in Sudan’s El Gedaref state’: Auditor-General

February 26 - 2017 EL GEDAREF

The Auditor-General of Sudan released a damning report on Thursday that reveals a series of embezzlements and financial irregularities regarding public funds in El Gedaref state during the 2015 fiscal year.

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February 24 - 2017 EL SUNUT / KASS

Cattle thieves kill two policemen in West Kordofan

Cattle thieves killed a police lieutenant and a sergeant in West Kordofan on Friday. A man was shot in Kass, South Darfur, early Friday morning.

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February 20 - 2017 KHARTOUM

Sudan court sentences Ethiopian protesters to lashes, fine

The Ethiopian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan (
On Saturday, a Khartoum court sentenced 65 Ethiopians to 40 lashes and a large fine for staging a demonstration. Hundreds of Ethiopian nationals living in the Sudanese capital...

Peace negotiations

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