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December 7 - 2022 KHARTOUM

International community lauds Sudan's new FFC-military agreement

The regional and international community have lauded the signing of the long-awaited political framework agreement with the military junta by 40 parties, movements, and professional...
December 7 - 2022 KHARTOUM

43 protestors injured during anti-FFC-military agreement demonstrations

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors reported yesterday that 43 protesters were wounded during anti-framework-agreement demonstrations in the Sudanese capital on Monday.
December 7 - 2022 KHARTOUM

Sudan teachers go on country-wide strike and fuel prices decrease

The Sudan Teachers Committee will start a two-day strike today in all state schools in the country to demand an increase in the minimum wage, in addition to other demands. The...
December 7 - 2022 DABANGA SUDAN

♦ Sudan: This week's news in brief ♦

A compact digest of the past week's most-read highlights, from the heart of Sudan.

Sudanese shrug shoulders at Political Framework Agreement 'being touted as end of military rule'

December 7 - 2022 KHARTOUM

While civilians and pundits cautiously welcomed Sudan’s new framework agreement, and others lauded its signing on Monday, several political parties and groups have expressed their categorical rejection of a settlement with the military.

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December 6 - 2022 KHARTOUM

El Burhan calls on political parties to exit alongside military, Hemeti calls coup 'political mistake'

Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and military leader Lt Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan said that “the military’s final exit from the political process must be accompanied by the...

Most read stories

December 2 - 2022 KHARTOUM / JUBA

FFC-military agreement to be signed tomorrow, Sudan hold-out rebels fear military power

The Trilateral Mechanism met with a delegation of the SLM-AW, led by Abdelwahid El Nur, in Juba yesterday (SLM-AW)
The signing of the ‘framework agreement’ between the Sudanese military and the Forces for Freedom and Change-Central Council (FFC-CC) and other civilian groups has reportedly been...
The Launching of the 16 Days of Activism against GBV in Beleil, South Darfur (Mariama Barry)
December 2 - 2022 KHARTOUM / EL FASHER / BELEIL

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence in Sudan


November 30 - 2022 DABANGA SUDAN

Survey: Why do you read Dabanga’s articles?

November 17 - 2022 DABANGA SUDAN

Climate change, Sudan's hidden crisis

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