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March 19 - 2019 ATBARA

River Nile court dismisses case against three women protesters

Three women charged with participating in the demonstrations against the Sudanese regime, have been released Atbara Emergency Court in northern Sudan’s River Nile state for a lack...
March 19 - 2019 PARIS

Sudan Call opposition members meet in Paris

Leaders of the Sudan Call alliance of Sudanese opposition groups, are meeting in the French capital of Paris this week to discuss support of the revolutionary movement taking place...
March 19 - 2019 KHARTOUM

Student demonstrations at Khartoum universities

Demonstrations by students on Monday preceded the large-scale economic boycott for today that has been announced by the parties signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change.
March 19 - 2019 KUTUM / SENNAR

Fuel crisis worsens in North Darfur, Sennar states

People in Sudanese states such as North Darfur and Sennar continue to experience a steady rise in prices for fuel and consumer goods, exasperating their lives through various ways.

Elderly woman dead from tear gas: Sudan doctors

March 19 - 2019 GREATER KHARTOUM

An elderly woman died from the complications of tear gas that spread in her house during one of the demonstrations against the Sudanese regime. At least sixteen people were wounded during Sunday’s marches.

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March 19 - 2019 KHARTOUM

Financial excesses 'SDG 560 million' in Sudan states

Sudan’s Auditor-General announced that the volume of assault on public funds and financial excesses in eleven states amounted to hundreds of millions of Sudanese Pounds in 2018.

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Day 78 of Sudan uprising – momentum remains unchecked

Mass public protest in Sudan (File photo)
The demonstrations and mass protests of the Sudan uprising demanding the step-down of President Al Bashir and his regime, has entered its 78th day.
One of the six killed people in El Geneina locality, West Darfur, on March 13 (RD)
March 15 - 2019 ARDAMATA / EL GENEINA

West Darfur killings spark large-scale protest march

File photo
March 17 - 2019 ARDAMATA / EL GENEINA

Massacre in Ardamata, West Darfur widely condemned

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August 10 - 2018 AMSTERDAM

The Dabanga Hall of Fame

July 5 - 2018 AMSTERDAM

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Activist sentenced, demonstrations continue in Sudan


No cash, salaries unpaid in Sudan

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