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Independent news from the heart of Darfur and Sudan
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About us

Radio Dabanga produces independent news to make sure that everyone, wherever they are in Sudan is aware of vital information, including outbreaks of disease, gender-based violence, and human rights abuses. It is the belief of Radio Dabanga that representation of these issues in the media can help to foster information exchange, understanding, and eventually peace in Sudan.

The station was created as an independent news source, originally reporting on the conflict in Darfur. It began as part of the Radio Darfur Network, a consortium of CSOs, media development organizations, and international aid related NGOs. Over the past ten years, Radio Dabanga has been supported operationally by Free Press Unlimited (formerly Press Now). As it has grown, Dabanga’s scope has evolved to include coverage of Sudan as a whole.


Broadcasts are made for Sudanese people, which reach over 2 million shortwave radio listeners each day, providing independent news and information to those most cut off from and most in need of it. The radio station has been broadcasting in exile, from the heart of Amsterdam, since 2nd December 2008. Radio Dabanga is unable to broadcast from Sudan as the press is frequently and consistently gagged and censored by the government. Dabanga’s unique position and vast in-country network allows the journalists to remotely gather and publish news about Sudan.

The Radio Dabanga central desk also receives news from listeners in Sudan. These witness reports may range from air raids in Darfur to abductions in eastern Sudan. Radio Dabanga verifies the story with locals (for example, comunity leaders) and checks the reports with official sources before the news is broadcast.


Radio programs are also broadcast via TV satellite and published on Soundcloud in order to reach a diverse audience, including diaspora. Articles are written in Arabic and English, published daily on Radio Dabanga’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and in over 100 WhatsApp groups. If you are interested in listening to Radio Dabanga, check our frequencies or search through our broadcast scheme and  radio archive.

The meaning of dabanga

The dabanga is one of the most important parts of a family’s home. Sometimes written “damanga” or “dabunga,” it is a large storage vessel used by Sudanese farmers to preserve food, made of a mixture of clay, water and dried grass. Dabangas are used to store crops, such as corn and grain, to keep them from spoiling. These provisions can be lifesaving rations in the event of a famine. Farmers sometimes hide their money or other valuables in the bottom.

'Life is like a dabanga, roll it with care'