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Sudan uprising: Fourth month of mass demos, vigils

March 20 - 2019 SUDAN
Boy holds Sudanese flag (File photo)
Boy holds Sudanese flag (File photo)

The mass public protests across Sudan demanding the unconditional step-down of Al Bashir and his regime from power, originally sparked by bread and fuel shortages in Atbara on 13 December 2018, have entered their fourth month.

On Tuesday, there were more demonstrations and vigils in the capital Khartoum and elsewhere in Sudan in response to the ongoing call by the Sudanese Professionals Association and signatories to the Declaration of Freedom and Change.

In El Azhari, Doroshab, El Salama and the Airport Road in Khartoum, demonstrators chanted slogans calling for overthrow the regime and condemning the killings, arrests, and beatings of peaceful protesters.

The demonstrators called for ‘freedom, justice and peace’, and ‘Revolt is the choice of the people’.

Greater Sudan

The residents of Gezirat El Fil and El Ugda El Magarba in El Gezira state took to the streets in a demonstration condemning the State of Emergency, the suppression of the peaceful demonstrators, and demanding the overthrow of the regime.

People demonstrated in front of the court and the market of Sennar in eastern Sudan demanding freedom, democracy and dignity, while El Obeid, capital of North Kordofan, saw a demonstration of teachers demanding the overthrow of the regime.


On Tuesday, professionals, craftsmen and workers of private sector companies in the capital Khartoum held protest vigils. Workers and employees of Pepsi Cola and a number of companies, factories and institutions held a protest in front of the headquarters of their companies.

On Tuesday morning, they carried banners written on them ‘I’m on strike’. Pharmaceutical companies and the Academy of Engineering Sciences held similar vigils in which they shouted: ‘Just fall, that’s all’ and ‘Revolt is the choice of the people’.

Lecturers and graduates of El Gezira University in Wad Madani held a protest and chanted for ‘Freedom, peace, justice’.

Doctors in Kassala carried out a protest and called for freedom, dignity and revolution is the choice of people.

The residents of the eastern land in the Red Sea state carried out a protest march carrying flags and banners demanding retribution for the slain, and overthrow of the regime.


Since mid-December last year, Sudan has experienced ongoing popular protests that have spread to towns and cities across the country.

Dozens of civilians have been killed, hundreds injured, and unknown thousands detained as the Sudanese security forces routinely respond to peaceful protests with tear gas, batons, and live ammunition.

The Sudanese Professionals Association and the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change – major movers behind the popular uprising and protests – confirmed their unwavering commitment to the unconditional step-down of Al Bashir and his regime, the dismantling of repressive institutions, and the handover of power to a transitional civilian national government.

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