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Declaration of Freedom and Change signed in Sudan capital

January 3 - 2019 KHARTOUM
A public protest march in Khartoum
A public protest march in Khartoum

In support of the Sudanese revolt against the ruling party that entered its third week, the Sudanese opposition forces, represented by the Sudan Call, the National Consensus Forces (NCF), the Unionist Association, signed a Declaration of Freedom and Change in Khartoum on Tuesday evening. The declaration is an initiative of the Sudanese Professionals Association.

The opposition forces called for more protests as the week progresses, with marches planned for Friday and Sunday. On Wednesday, a mass march is planned to present a memorandum calling for regime change to the National Assembly in Omdurman.

Yesterday’s declaration, the opposition groups demand the unconditional withdrawal of President Omar Al Bashir and his regime from power and the formation of a national transitional government. Well-qualified leaders agreed on by all factions of the Sudanese people should govern the country for the period of four years, to be followed by general elections.

After Al Bashir has stepped down, the transitional government should immediately stop the wars by addressing the roots of the conflicts and work on restoring the situation, Hamid Ali Nour, chair of the Civil Society Initiative who signed on behalf of the Sudan Call, told Radio Dabanga on Wednesday.

The many Sudanese displaced people and refugees should be enabled to return to their places of origin, he added. All war-affected should be fairly and effectively compensated. "The economic crisis has to be tackled and the lives of the people needs to be improved in all areas of life."

‘An important step’

Dr Mohamed Naji, member of the secretariat of the Sudanese Professionals Association described the Declaration of Freedom and Change as an important step to support the growing public movement against the government of Omar Al Bashir. He added that the signatories of the declaration welcome any important addition to the tasks of the transitional government.

The activist group of professionals discussed the situation with various political activists and civil society members throughout the Sudan before the issuing the declaration.

He pointed out that youth and student groups are an important part of the current movement. A large number of them in addition to members of “resistance committees” in neighbourhoods and towns signed the declaration. "They form the largest front to overthrow the regime."

Naji told this station that the Sudanese Professionals Association is about to announce a new protest march “very soon” in coordination with its partners, also to honour the people killed  and wounded during the demonstrations.

He called for greater cohesion, joint action and coordination in order to bring down the regime and build a new Sudanese state that reflects everyone.


Dr Mohamed Abdelrahim, who signed on behalf of the NCF members, described the declaration as “a true expression and translation of the great peaceful popular movement of the Sudanese streets demanding the withdrawal of Al Bashir and his regime from power”.

Abdelrahim called on the Sudanese people in all sectors and groups to continue the protest movement and reject this regime to reach a new government that guarantees freedom and restore the country prestige and solve the hardship of living and enable Sudanese to live decent .

Also Ezzelarab Hamidelnil, who signed the declaration for the Unionist Association, said that the declaration is open and open for signature to all political forces, civil society organisations and all people who believe in change.


Finally the National Umma Party (NUP) under the leadership of El Sadig El Mahdi, expressed its strong support of the Declaration of Freedom and Change. In a statement yesterday, the party expressed its full commitment to all the terms of the declaration, which represents a viable alternative that meets the aspirations of our people at this juncture.

El Mahdi arrived in Khartoum in December after an absence of more than a year. In April this year, following El Mahdi’s election as chairman of the Sudan Call alliance, the State Security Prosecution service in Sudan instructed a complaint be filed against El Mahdi, “for dealing and coordinating with rebel armed movements to overthrow the regime.”


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