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Militia sets up ambush between Kutum and Kabkabiya

July 19 - 2012 EL FASHER

A pro-government militia set up an ambush on the main road leading from Kutum to Kabkabiya in North Darfur. They have looted commercial vehicles passing through for a week now. As a result commodity and fuel prices in Kabkabiya have rocketed.

A resident of Kabkabiya told Radio Dabanga the militia set up an ambush in the area of Kuma. They halt and loot vehicles passing by. A total of 24 vehicles are stuck in Kutum, afraid of taking the road to Kabkabiya, they have been there for over a week now. The onset of Ramadan means increased commerce in commodities such as sugar, flower and soap. As a result of the frequent ambushes commercial vehicles refrain from taking the road.

Due to the lack of fuel, the security forces of Kabkabiya have ordered the four gas stations to not hand out more than 150 gallons of fuel per day. This has caused massive queues at gas stations. In addition grain mills and water stations have stopped working.

The Kabkabiya residents appeal to local authorities to intervene.

Meanwhile in Kutum city, a group of armed men killed the driver of the head of the Kutum security services. The driver had taken the land cruiser to do some shopping at the local market when a group of six men shot him. An eyewitness told Radio Dabanga that, after killing him, they took the land cruiser and fled. He added that this is one of many such incidents. In the past few days pro-government militias stole a police vehicle, a UNAMID vehicle and an ambulance from the market place in the middle of the day.

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