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Heavy rain storms wreak havoc in Nyala

July 22 - 2011 Nyala

An elderly woman and two children lost their lives in a heavy rain storm in Nyala (South Darfur), on Thursday. Three other children were wounded, after a house collapsed on them. More than two thousand homes were destroyed, and accessibility to Nyala's markets was disrupted.Mr. Osman Ahmed Adam, Imam of Medina Mosque told Radio Dabanga, that the rain storms, came with strong winds and thunderstorms. He said that this led to the destruction of more than 400 houses in the area of the Medina Mosque, leaving some citizens without any shelter.

In Almostagbal and Althrowra, two neighborhoods in Lakea (Nyala), the rain destroyed 1500 houses, a loss of nearly a quarter of all houses in this family neighborhood.

The South Darfur state government asked for assistance from national organizations, and international humanitarian organizations. They asked for plastic sheeting, foodstuffs, clothing, as well as help, to mend open sewers and drains.

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