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Food and fuel prices in Darfur soar

July 22 - 2011 El Geneina

Prices of food and fuel are soaring in the three states of Darfur, merchants made clear in a poll with Radio Dabanga. Higher prices caused the increase of transportation and travel costs, to and from Khartoum, and between capitals of states and localities. The rain season has also caused higher prices. Citizens of the Darfur States have demanded a quick intervention from government authorities. They ask the authorities to ease high prices, especially now that the month of Ramadan (starting August 1) is nearing. The majority of the region's inhabitants is poor, and many people are already weak as a result of their displacement, homelessness and unemployment.Prices have risen about 25 percent, and this increase still continues. A citizen of El Geneina reported the following (current) prices to Radio Dabanga:

  • Sugar 250 pounds/sack
  • Millet 180 pounds/bag
  • Oil 200 pounds/4 gallons
  • Beef 20 pounds/kilo
  • Charcoal 30 pounds/bag
  • Soap 100 pounds/box gallons of
  • Petrol 25 pounds/gallon
  • Gasoline 20 pounds/gallon 

A group, combating higher prices in Khartoum, issued a statement, on Wednesday. They call for a boycott on meat purchases, and they urge the people of Sudan to stand united, as they fight high prices. This group says that commodity prices rise every hour, and that there seems to be no one keeping track of the price situation. The group presses for a greater sense of civic duty among all Sudanese, to stop manipulation, and for greater unity.

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