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Arrests of SPLM leaders in Nyala

July 22 - 2011 Nyala

The security forces of south Darfur on Wednesday raided the office of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) in Nyala and arrested the political secretary Mohammed and deputy head of the office Elsaddig Mahadi and the secretary for protection Siddig Robert. It also confiscated a Land Cruiser car from the house of the head of the SPLM party in addition to a Mitsubishi car from the office of the SPLM in Nyala. In a statement released by the head of the party in the state Suleiman Ishaq, the party condemned the act and described it as a violation to the law and constitution and Suleiman demanded the release of those who were arrested and holding those who carried out the act responsible in addition to bringing back the confiscated materials.

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