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26,000 now displaced in Jebel Marra, Central Darfur

April 6 - 2015 JEBEL MARRA
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According to Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC), an estimated 26,000 people fled their homes in Central Darfur’s North Jebel Marra locality and sought refuge in Fanga Suk, Niskam, Abonga, and Warra villages in the same locality.

The latest bulletin issued by the UN Humanitarian Office (OCHA) states that these people fled their homes in January following clashes between government forces and an armed group in the locality, according to HAC. Representatives from HAC, the Sudanese Red Crescent and local state authorities visited Fanga Suk and Niskam to assess the needs of these people.

The displaced people are in urgent need of food, emergency shelter and household supplies as well as health and sanitation assistance. According to HAC, these people have received no assistance since their displacement. Local authorities and community leaders report that over 30 villages were destroyed and looted during the fighting. In Central Darfur, the lack of passable roads and harsh terrain makes access to Fanga Suk and Niskam villages through Central Darfur difficult. Therefore, humanitarian assistance can only be transported from North Darfur.

Local authorities are coordinating with HAC in North Darfur to deliver aid from El Fasher. Some 2,500 people displaced due to inter-tribal fighting in South Darfur, about 2,500 people from the Salamat tribe fled El Nadeef village in South Darfur’s Buram locality following inter-tribal fighting between the Salamat and Fellata tribes on 21 March. They have taken refuge in Katila locality. An inter-agency mission to verify and assess needs is planned for Katila next week.

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