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Workshop puts forward recommendations on how to implement Doha document

July 19 - 2012 EL FASHER

In a next step towards the implementation of the Doha document for Peace, a workshop was held in El Fasher.

The workshop was concluded on Wednesday morning and was organized by UNAMID's human right section and El Fasher's Bar Association, which includes 45 lawyers.

During an interview with Radio Dabanga Mohammed Mahjoub, the chairman of the Bar Association put forward the recommendations made during the workshop concerning justice and human rights issues, stipulated in the Doha document.

The main recommendations are; the establishment of a Doha document research center, the reactivation of human rights centers such as the Center for Justice, and the Sudan Development Organization. Another recommendation involves the formation of independent sub-committees in the Darfur Human Rights Commission to address matters of transitional justice.

The chairman of the Bar Association added that the workshop advised on the formation of a truth and reconciliation commissions with independent and competent figures along with aligning laws and legislation in Darfur with international humanitarian law. Other recommendations he put forth was providing legal and representation in court to victims and set up a special office which will empower female lawyers to help female victims.


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