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UN Security Council ‘welcomes progress’ by Unamid in Darfur, ‘concerned’ about Jebel Marra

December 11 - 2018 NEW YORK
Unamid hands over its team site in Masteri West Darfur to the government of Sudan (Photo: Elsadig Daud / Unamid)
Unamid hands over its team site in Masteri West Darfur to the government of Sudan (Photo: Elsadig Daud / Unamid)

The Presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has issued a statement lauding the progress made by the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (Unamid) with its reconfiguration, and reaffirming its “commitment to supporting the transition from peacekeeping to peacebuilding and development in Darfur”. However, the statement expresses the UNSC’s “concern about the security and humanitarian situation in Jebel Marra”.

In the statement, the UNSC “welcomes the continued improvements in the security situation across Darfur outside the Jebel Marra area, aided by the deployment of government security forces associated with the arms collection campaign, as well as efforts by the government and Unamid to promote peaceful resolution of intercommunal disputes”.


The Security Council further “encourages the government of Sudan to continue the implementation of the civilian disarmament efforts as stipulated in the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) and in close coordination with Unamid”.

The statement acknowledges that the handing-over of some Unamid team sites to the government of Sudan in line with of UNSC resolutions 2363 (2017) and 2429 (2018) have been successfully completed, and that the process is currently underway to hand over additional sites in accordance with resolution 2429 (2018).

Jebel Marra

While welcoming the announcement of unilateral cessation of hostilities by the government of Sudan and by armed movements, including by the Sudan Liberation Army-Abdelwahid el Nur (SLA-AW) for humanitarian access, the UNSC says it remains “concerned about the security and humanitarian situation in the Jebel Marra area and thus urges all parties to adhere to their unilateral cessations of hostilities and to allow unhindered humanitarian access to populations in need.”

‘Additional measures’

The UNSC statement also reminds parties of (the terms of) resolution 2429 (2018) in which it expressed its intention “to consider imposing additional measures against those who impede the peace process”.

‘Fresh waves of displacement’

As reported by Radio Dabanga in early December, the Unamid Joint Special Representative, Jeremiah Mamabolo, told a press briefing on the status of the Unamid drawdown and exit strategy in Khartoum that while security has improved in most parts of Darfur, the region still witnesses “fresh waves of displacement”.

Mamabolo: “Given the improved security in most parts of Darfur, civilians are reportedly returning gradually to their homes after years of displacement. However, Darfur still witnesses fresh waves of displacement, with a significant emphasis in Jebel Mara where intermittent hostilities between non-state armed groups and regular forces continue to directly affect civilians in the area. Approximately 16,000 people have been displaced into various camps and settlements in various localities in Jebel Marra in both South and Central Darfur, which represents an increase of 4,000 people since September 2018.”

Read the entire UNSC statement here

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