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Tribal tensions close Central Darfur market

May 26 - 2017 BINDISI
Vehicle of the Sudanese military forces (file photo)
Vehicle of the Sudanese military forces (file photo)

Tensions between the Salamat and Misseriya tribes in Bindisi locality, Central Darfur, led to the closing of markets and government institutions yesterday. “People fled to their homes.”

Public transportation stopped in the area and the weekly market closed on Thursday, in anticipation of renewed fighting between the warring tribes.

An eyewitness in Bindisi town told Radio Dabanga that groups of Salamat or Misseriya tribesmen arrived in the vicinity of the town, coming from a northern and southern direction.

“Army and police forces have been deployed at the market, government facilities, the hospital and the main entrances to Bindisi,” according to the witness. Seventeen trucks, on their way from Foro Baranga to Omdurman, as well as two passenger buses en route to Nyala were held and inspected.

“The situation is tense and people are in fear of the tensions to escalate.” Areas in Bindisi were the scene of fighting between the Misseriya and Salamat on Friday 19 May with an as of yet unknown number of dead and wounded.

At least 50 people died in renewed clashes in Um Dukhun locality on Monday and Tuesday, after more than a week of fighting that led to the killing and displacement of dozens and destruction of villages.

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