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Deadly tribal clash erupts in Bindisi

May 19 - 2017 BINDISI / ED DAEIN
Scene after members of two tribes clashed in Mellit, 2015 (file photo)
Scene after members of two tribes clashed in Mellit, 2015 (file photo)

Renewed fighting erupted between members of the Salamat and Misseriya tribes on Friday, southwest of Bindisi in Central Darfur. In East Darfur, a military force chased and clashed with a criminal gang.

Majali, Amar Hadid, Urang, and Bir Bakar were the scene of new fighting between tribesmen. Several eye-witnesses reported to Radio Dabanga from Bindisi that the number of dead and wounded has not been ascertained yet.

Some of the wounded were transferred to the hospitals in Foro Baranga and Jagma.

“The clashes continued until sunset on Friday,” one of the witnesses said. He reported that a number of people have left their villages in fear of more violence.

“The fighters used Land Cruisers, heavy weapons and machine guns. One of the leaders of a pro-government militia, named Abaker Bilanazal, was killed in the fighting,” the witness claimed.

Listeners in Um Dukhun locality, where the clashes between Salamat and Misseriya initially started on Tuesday and Wednesday, said that armed men torched and raided three villages: Maraya, Magola, and Suf Elbin. The villages were inhabited by people of the Masalit.

In Maraya the fighting erupted after the son of the Omda of the Salamat, was gunned-down at Um Dukhun market by unknown assailants. Last month, at least three Misseriya tribesmen died in the same area, following clashes that erupted over the theft of goats.

Soldiers, gang clash

A clash between Sudanese soldiers and a criminal gang resulted in the killing of nine people in northern Ed Daein locality, East Darfur, on Thursday.

A military force hunted the criminal gang that committed raids and road robberies in the area. The force was tasked to eliminate them. The groups clashed near the water station of Shagtabeldi.

A journalist in East Darfur, Khalifa Kushayb, said that eight Sudanese soldiers were killed in the fighting and one gang member. A total of twelve people sustained injuries, including eight soldiers who were taken to Khartoum for treatment.

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