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Nyala explosion victims: 'Where are state officials?'

May 26 - 2017 NYALA
Unexploded ammunition lies at the roadside in Nyala following the blast on 21 May (RD correspondent)
Unexploded ammunition lies at the roadside in Nyala following the blast on 21 May (RD correspondent)

Victims and residents affected by the explosions at an ammunition storage facility in the capital of South Darfur demand the state government to apologise for its absence.

At least 12 people have died and 18 others were injured when on Sunday evening, explosions emanated from the arms and ammunition storage of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militia in El Matar district. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed, for which the displaced residents demand compensation.

The victims and their families called on the South Darfur state government to apologise for its remarks which they described as “daunting to those affected by the explosions”. In a joint statement, they condemned the absence of state government officials in the aftermath of the destruction. 'The state did not identify the damage we suffered after the explosion.

'This is serious; meanwhile thousands and thousands of people in Nyala went to the site of the incident to inspect the conditions of the affected and show their sympathy.'

The statement called for the formation of a committee tasked with inventorising the losses and calculating the compensation to the victims. Residents confirmed that 300 houses are destroyed while other buildings suffered partial destruction and damages.

A legal expert said that the government authorities are among the responsible for the casualties and damage caused to Nyala. “Keeping stockpiles of dangerous substances or explosives in civilian residential areas can endanger the lives of civilians,” he told Radio Dabanaga on Wednesday.

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