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10 villages torched in Darfur’s Jebel Marra

January 26 - 2015 GOLO
A Darfuri village destroyed by fire (file photo)
A Darfuri village destroyed by fire (file photo)

Ten villages in the area west of Jebel Marra were reportedly destroyed by fire today. More than 200 families, who fled from Golo and the surrounding villages, have arrived at the Nierteti camps for the displaced.

According to Mustafa Tambour, the spokesman for the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdel Wahid El Nur, government forces stationed in Golo started shelling the villages west of the Sur Reng rebel base, this morning.

“The villages of Bardani, Takaro, Nouni, Tari, Tagana, Delgo, Tariya, Tero, Aradeiba, and Karma burned to the ground.

“A number of people who fled the villages with everything they could take with them, were robbed by militiamen on their way to safer places,” the rebel spokesman said.

Tambour also reported that one of their reconnaissance units combing the area west of Sur Reng, found the body of Lt. Hanafi Hassan El Tileib, an administration officer of the paramilitary Border Guards stationed at El Geneina, capital of West Darfur.

A sheikh of Nierteti North camp for the displaced informed Dabanga that more than 200 families have reached the Nierteti camps. “They told us that there are more people on their way to the camps, fleeing from the militia attacks on Golo and the surrounding villages,” he said, appealing to relief organisations to provide aid to the newly displaced.

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