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Sunstroke kills two Port Sudan workers

September 1 - 2017 PORT SUDAN
Port Sudan seaport (Wikimapia)
Port Sudan seaport (Wikimapia)

New cases of sunstroke resulted in the death of two port workers in the seaport hospital of Port Sudan, the capital of Red Sea state, on Wednesday.

Journalist Osman Hashim reported to Radio Dabanga that the dead were taken to the hospital on Monday. 14 people who suffered from a heat stroke earlier this week were brought to the same hospital earlier on Sunday. They were in an overcrowded barn purchasing sheep, allocated by the port authority to its employees.

Five of the 14 patients are still bedridden in the hospital, while seven others were discharged in the past few days. Hashim pointed out that the temperature has seen a significant drop down during the past two days which led to a decrease in the rates of sunstroke on the port city.


Residents of Port Sudan have complained about the overcrowding in the city's only electricity sale centre, on Wednesday and Thursday. Local media in Port Sudan reported that people demanded the establishment of multiple electricity sale centres in the city. They are avoiding buying electricity from the commercial centres because of commission that amounts to 10 per cent.

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