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Sudanese in Libya demand repatriation

July 26 - 2016 TRIPOLI
Sudanese carry their luggage in Libya (file photo)
Sudanese carry their luggage in Libya (file photo)

Sudanese stranded in Libya renewed their appeal to the Khartoum government to repatriate them.

A committee for combating illegal immigration and voluntary return of the Sudanese communities in Libya made its demand in a press statement obtained by Radio Dabanga.

It stated that the conditions for the Sudanese communities in Libya are “intolerable”, which has prompted many to try to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. People do so “despite the mass death agony, while many others are living in slavery in the hands of human traffickers”, an activist of the committee said.

“Radical groups such as Daash (Islamic State, IS) have found fertile ground to recruit some Sudanese who have lost hope in life or immigration to Europe,” the activist told this station.

He revealed that hundreds of Sudanese who have registered with the committee have shown willingness to return to their home country if they can be guaranteed of “a dignified life” upon their return: such as owning projects that can provide a living for them and their families.

The activist explained that previous promises by the Sudanese embassy in Libya and the expatriates’ affairs office have not been honoured.

Meanwhile, Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir has reaffirmed his government's support for Libya's president, Faiz Saraj, and its readiness to provide all possible assistance to realise peace and political stability in Libya. Sudan follows the developments in Libya closely, Al Bashir said at the opening session of the Arab League Summit in the capital of Mauritania.


Tens of thousands of Sudanese left their home country to find a livelihood in Libya. Khartoum reportedly did not respond to the request of thousands of Sudanese who called for support with their repatriation as they got stuck between the warring parties. A number of Sudanese were killed in attacks.

Sudanese also travel to Libya to attempt to cross the Mediterranean in their quest for a better life. In March this year, more than 45 Darfuris died when the boat carrying them from Libya to Europe sank.

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