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Sudan Uprising: Demonstrators express demands to local leaders

On April 25, multiple towns in Darfur witnessed massive marches in support of the demands of the revolution (File photo)
On April 25, multiple towns in Darfur witnessed massive marches in support of the demands of the revolution (File photo)

Delegations from various areas of Sudan continued to arrive to the main sit-in in front of the General Command of the Armed Forces in Khartoum over the weekend, including dozens of buses loaded with people from Singa, capital of Sennar, and from Halawin in El Gezira who arrived in Khartoum to support the protesters in front of the army command on Friday.

Relatives of detainees from Darfur, South Kordofan, and Blue Nile are scheduled to march from the Constitutional Court towards the General Command of the Armed Forces, as the sit-in calling for transition to civilian rule in Sudan carries on.

The march will demand the release of detainees of these areas “who are still in prisons of injustice and tyranny,” according to a statement made on Sunday. They are calling for fair treatment of all detainees, following an announcement by the military junta, that assumed power in Khartoum following the overthrow of former president Omar Al Bashir on April 11, which pledged to release all detainees of the previous regime.

Port Sudan

Four marches towards the headquarters of the sit-in, which has been running for three weeks in front of the command of the Navy Forces, took place on Sunday in Port Sudan, Red Sea state.

Journalist Amin Sinada told Radio Dabanga that the Sudanese Journalists Network (SJN), opposition parties, disabled people, and school students took part. The SJN called restructuring of media institutions, promotion of press freedom, re-establishment of former unions which were “kidnapped” by the regime, and removal of all elements of the former regime.


For the tenth day in a row, residents of El Nahud in West Kordofan continued to sit-in, in front of the locality building to demand a civil government.

Activist Ayman El Jeili told Radio Dabanga that they will continue their peaceful movement until their demands are fulfilled, namely the establishment of a civilian government that meets the aspirations of the Sudanese people.

On Sunday, people in Rashad locality in South Kordofan handed a memorandum to the command of the armed forces in the area calling on the Transitional Military Council to hand over power to civilians in accordance with the Declaration of Freedom and Change and dissolve all security organs of the deposed regime.

An activist at the demonstration told Radio Dabanga that the demonstration came after the military leadership had ignored the locality’s demands. Residents of Rashad had previously demanded the dismantling of the security apparatus, the Popular Police, and the Popular Security forces in the locality.


Sit-ins and demonstrations also continued in Nyala in South Darfur, Wad Madani in El Gezira, and in El Gedaref, which witnessed a continuous sit-in of the masses in front of the army headquarters buildings in the state.

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