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Sudan: Surge in fires across Darfur kills two children

February 24 - 2022 DARFUR
Previous fire in village near El Fasher (File photo : RD correspondent)
Previous fire in village near El Fasher (File photo : RD correspondent)

A massive fire that broke out in the Timsah locality of Katila in South Darfur on Wednesday, claimed the lives of two children, Mohamed El Omda and Hafiz Ibrahim as well as destroying more than 22 houses.

A number of citizens expressed their regret for the repeated fires, calling on the local government and the state to intervene urgently in supporting those affected by the fire, so that families may return to the area and settle.

Also, in the El Joghana locality in South Darfur sate, a fire broke out Wednesday morning, destroying 25 houses, their crop fields, and property.

One of the locals impacted by the fire, Mubarak Yusef Ibrahim, told Radio Dabanga that the fire had caused a number of families to brave the cold weather without shelter. He called on government organisations and philanthropists to expedite provision of shelter and food to the affected families.

Lawlessness persists in North Darfur State

In North Darfur State, Faiza Babiker (23), died on Wednesday morning and three others were seriously injured, as a result of their rickshaw overturning after being chased by gunmen.

Yaha El Kham told Radio Dabanga, that he witnessed a rickshaw being pursued by gunmen from the Jumbo area to the Kasab camp in the Kutum locality. He explained that the gunmen wanted to rob the passengers on board, which caused the rickshaw driver to rush from the armed assailants, prompting the vehicle to overturn. According to the eyewitness, one of the three who were seriously injured, Adam Abeker, suffered a serious head injury and broke both his legs. Abeker was then transferred from Kutum Hospital to the El Fasher Teaching Hospital to be treated, while the other two remained in Kutum Hospital.

The eyewitness stated that the incidents of robbery and violence have persisted on the Jumbo-Kasab Road, due to the lack of necessary protection from local authorities.

Residents of the Saraf Omra district in North Darfur State have complained of the increasing insecurity in Darfur. A resident of the area, Mohamed Khater, told Radio Dabanga that locals in the El Nahda neighbourhood, which is located west of Nyala in South Darfur, found the body of a 15-year-old boy on Wednesday morning.

He explained that the locals identified the 15-year-old as Mohammed Abdelrasoul. He pointed out that the murder took place in the northern side of the neighbourhood, but the body was moved to the southern area. He explained that the local authorities managed to catch the killer.

Khater also told Radio Dabanga that cattle belonging to a resident in Um Jarwa near Saraf Omra had been stolen, and locals following the trail of the stolen cows failed to locate them.

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