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Sudan farmers warn of winter crop failure

January 27 - 2022 EL GEZIRA
Harvesting in Sudan's El Gezira (File photo)
Harvesting in Sudan's El Gezira (File photo)

The alliance of farmers in El Gezira and El Managil forewarned authorities of the winter harvest failure, owing to the unjustified increase in agricultural fees, neglect of cleaning canals, lack of production inputs and, potential failure to fertilise the crops in time.

An official spokesman for the alliance, Abdeen Bargawi, said in a statement to Radio Dabanga, that the essential nitrogen-rich fertiliser for winter, if not applied in time, will vastly decrease the crop yield. He also said that this would lead to farmers being unable to pay accrued debts to the Agricultural Bank.

Bargawi went on to explain, that the alliance is in the process of initiating a legal case against the Agricultural Bank and the management of the El Gezira project, to compensate the farmers for the failure of the winter season.

The alliance is calling on the public to show solidarity with the farmers and to support their protest of the current situation.

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