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Herdsmen rape three Darfur girls of 6 to 9

January 27 - 2022 BINDISI / TAWILA
School girls in Bindisi, Central Darfur (File photo: UN Photo - Albert González Farran).
School girls in Bindisi, Central Darfur (File photo: UN Photo - Albert González Farran).

Three girls aged between 6 and 9 were raped by four armed herdsmen, a kilometre north of Bindisi in Central Darfur on Tuesday. A group of armed men halted a fuel tanker vehicle onear Tabit in North Darfur on Monday, and stole large quantities of fuel.

A relative of the raped girls told Radio Dabanga the incident has been reported to the police. The girls were taken to the hospital, but could not receive treatment due to the lack of a specialised doctor. The relative also pointed out that the police have made no effort to arrest the perpetrators.

Also on Tuesday, a woman was injured in an armed robbery on the Tawila-El Fasher road, where sums of money and luggage were stolen. Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that gunmen wearing military uniforms and riding on motorcycles opened fire yesterday afternoon on passenger vehicles on their way from Tawila to El Fasher, in the area of Naga Dako, which led to the injury of Shadia Ibrahim.

They indicated that the gunmen stole sums of money, telephones, and luggage from the passengers. The incident was reported to the police of Tawila and El Fasher.

In another incident, armed men riding in a pick-up truck and three motorcycles, intercepted a fuel tanker vehicle on its way from El Fasher to Nyala in the east of Tabit on Monday, and stole large quantities of fuel before fleeing.

Similarly, the armed robbery of vehicles along the Bindisi road, which connects to a number of towns, is reported by locals to have had 10 vehicle and truck thefts in the last week. One local told Radio Dabanga, that these thefts were happening mainly on roads from Bindisi to Nyala, Artala, Um Dukhun and, Um Lebasa. He added that four tractors had their goods stolen at gunpoint on Tuesday and called for the need for a joint effort between the army and police, to confront the escalating problem of vehicle robberies in the area.

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