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SPLM-N Agar: New report on reforms needed for democracy and social justice in Sudan

August 19 - 2018 KHARTOUM
SPLM-N faction leader Malik Agar (File photo)
SPLM-N faction leader Malik Agar (File photo)

The Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North led by Malik Agar (SPLM-N Agar) has released a comprehensive study prepared by an independent panel of Sudanese experts on the key reforms needed to establish a democratic regime and social justice in Sudan.

In a statement the SPLM-N Agar said a consultative committee of experts, which included Sudanese experts and professionals from various cultural and intellectual backgrounds, have produced a report in Arabic and English entitled Towards a Sustainable Political Transformation in Sudan: Elements of a Roadmap. The report provides a short presentation of the status quo, identifying why change is needed, and prescribing interventions that included estimates of the time horizon and anticipated costs.

“Sudan must arrive at equality in citizenship rights and at restructuring of the state in the interests of the majority of the population that includes good governance and providing basic services like clean water, education and health to its citizens.”

Referring to the New Sudan vision of its founder John Garang, the SPLM-N said the roadmap is designed to benefit to all the Sudanese especially those in the marginalised areas

“It is meant to end our suffering and to usher us into a new social, economic, political, and cultural dispensation that will change our lives and will provide equal citizenship, sustainable development and democracy, especially for women, children and youth”.

Yasir Arman said that the document was written at the initiative of the SPLM, which has lasted four years by holding meetings in European and African capitals for its preparation.

He explained that the document is open to the political forces and civil society organisations.

He called on the Sudanese people to use this document, which represents an alternative programme in their struggle to overthrow the regime.

Read the complete report here

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