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Police sergeant slain in West Darfur

April 29 - 2016 EL GENEINA / GIREIDA
Policeman in a station in Darfur (Unamid)
Policeman in a station in Darfur (Unamid)

The head of the police department of a village near El Geneina, the capital of West Darfur, was killed on Tuesday. Three displaced children were shot at during an armed robbery in South Darfur.

A local man assaulted sergeant El Sheikh Bakhit in the police station in Adr, 12 kilometres north-east of El Geneina, and stabbed him to death with a knife.

The coordinator of the camps for displaced people in West Darfur told Radio Dabanga that people were arguing about the ownership of land in the area. They went to the police station in Adr to settle the argument.

An angry man stabbed Bakhit and seriously wounded him. The sergeant died from his injuries in El Geneina hospital on Wednesday.

Shooting in Abyed camp

Gunmen opened fire on three displaced children of camp Abyed in Gireida locality, South Darfur, on Wednesday evening. Ali Hussein Adam Abakar, Murtada Yousif Dood, and another child were sitting in front of their home with their mobile phones, when the gunmen attempted to rob them, an activist told Radio Dabanga.

“They refused to cooperate, and the militiamen opened fire on them.”

The wounded have been taken to Gireida hospital.

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