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More journalists brutally attacked and detained by military forces

November 19 - 2021 KHARTOUM BAHRI
Anti-coup demonstrations took place throughout on November 17. Photo of a demo in Khartoum (Mosaab Hassouna)
Anti-coup demonstrations took place throughout on November 17. Photo of a demo in Khartoum (Mosaab Hassouna)

The Sudanese Journalist Network (SJN) reported that journalist Ali Farsab was shot and detained while covering the November 17 demonstrations in Bahri El Muasasa. The journalist sustained a bullet wound on his head. The bureau chief of Al Jazeera has been released after being detained for two days.

Large protests took place on November 17 to protest the military coup d’état but were brutally repressed by security forces who used live ammunition. At least 16 people were killed and over 100 were wounded as a result of the crackdown.

In a statement published yesterday, the SJN said that Farsab was brutally beaten when he was detained. Soldiers attacked him with sticks, batons, and rifle butts, which led to injuries in the hand and shoulder. Afterwards, they took him and a group of other detainees to the Mogran Police Station.

The journalist network said that Farsab is in real danger as the wound on the top of his head is still bleeding. They also suspect that he has multiple fractures as he is unable to move.

His lawyer's repeated requests to refer him to the hospital for treatment were rejected.

The statement demanded to allow Farsab to receive treatment immediately and to hold the authority and the police command responsible for his safety.

Police shooting at the protests on November 17 (social media)


The SJN further reported that a Military Intelligence force detained journalist Abdelraouf Taha, who works for Al Jazeera in Khartoum, during his coverage of the Marches of the Millions on Wednesday, November 17.  They took him to one of its headquarters in Khartoum for interrogation before he was released early Thursday.

Al Jazeera Media reported on Tuesday that its Khartoum bureau chief, El Musalmi El Kabbashi, was released two days after being detained during a midnight raid on his home. The military has yet to give a reason for his detention.

Journalist harassment

Earlier this week, Sudanese journalists held a vigil in Khartoum to protest the detention and harassment of journalists, which has increased significantly since the coup on October 25, and to raise international awareness.

News is travelling slowly out of Sudan because of the internet blackout and it has been dangerous for journalists to do their work.

Dozens more protesters and members of the Resistance Committees were arrested and detained during the November 17 protests throughout Sudan.

Jurists reported that the Public Prosecution in Khartoum refused to release a number of detainees on bail. They were held during the demonstrations of November 17 and deported from the Central Khartoum Police Department to detention centres in Soba in southeast Khartoum.

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