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Vigil in Khartoum as more Sudanese journalists detained, harassed

November 17 - 2021 KHARTOUM
Ataf Mukhtar, editor-in-chief of El Sudani newspaper (Photo: El Sudani)
Ataf Mukhtar, editor-in-chief of El Sudani newspaper (Photo: El Sudani)

The freedom of the press is under increasing pressure in Sudan, since Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan and a military junta seized power in a coup d’état on October 25. Several journalists have been detained, and harassment of editors is increasing. Journalists held a vigil in Khartoum on Tuesday to protest and raise international awareness.

Journalist, political analyst, and editor-in-chief of El Sudani newspaper, Ataf Mukhtar, says that he was pursued on Omak Street in Khartoum on Monday evening by four masked men driving a car with darkened windows.

He explained that the vehicle blocked the road in front of his car and the masked men got out and tried to open the doors of his car, but they were unable to do so.

Military Intelligence detained Shawgi Abdelazim, a journalist for the electronic newspaper El Taghyeer on Saturday, after he visited the office of Al Jazeera satellite channel in Khartoum.

The Radio and Television Broadcasting Corporation suspended the broadcast of Radio Hala 96 FM on Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Joint Committee of Press Groups organised a protest vigil in front of the British Council in downtown Khartoum, rejecting the military coup, the violation of press freedoms, and arbitrary detentions, in addition to cutting off the internet.

The participants in the vigil carried banners calling for freedom of the press and the release of detainees, including journalists. The protest condemned the stifling of freedom of expression and the cutting off of the Internet for more than 23 days.

Journalist Amr Shaaban said in a speech during the sit-in that the Joint Committee of Press Groups has begun to inform the international community of violations.

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