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Militiamen kill two men for cattle in North Darfur

January 27 - 2015 KUTUM / KORMA / JEBEL 'AMER
Militiamen in North Darfur (Jess Heugel Media)
Militiamen in North Darfur (Jess Heugel Media)

Two persons were shot dead in North Darfur by militiamen on Sunday and Monday, and a number of people sustained injuries in a road robbery near a gold mining site. A hospital in Saraf Umra was robbed on Monday.

Members of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) attacked Rahad Bisha in Kutum locality on Monday morning, and shot dead Aboud Nada. They also stole 1,100 camels and 210 cows. The MP for Um Baru and Karnoi constituencies, Mohamed Ahmed Minawi Digeish, further reported to Dabanga that the paramilitary force was stationed at Um Mahareik before it moved in dozens of vehicles to Rahad Bisha.

“Since the start of the military operations, militias have directly and systematically targeted civilians to impoverish and displace them, strip them off their wealth and property, destroy and occupy the water sources and deny citizens and all their livestock access for drinking water,” Digeish claimed.

On Sunday evening, pro-government militiamen killed a man in an area south-east of Kafod in El Fasher locality. A relative of the deceased Hassan Mahmoud explained that three militia members on camels attacked Taigi at 8 pm. After killing Mahmoud, they robbed about 100 of his sheep and goats.

A witness added that on Monday, a local rescue team tracked down the traces of the perpetrators, which ended up in Um Jalbak.

In Argo camp for internally displaced people, 200 sheep were stolen by militiamen early Monday morning. Omda Mukhtar Bosh reported to Dabanga that pro-government militiamen attacked the camp in Tawila locality at 1 am, while opening fire into the air. They took the sheep, all of which belonged to the displaced people who recently fled from the fighting in East Jebel Marra, and took off on their camels. The Omda reported no casualties or wounded.

Militiamen rob hospital

Pro-government militiamen also stole refrigerators and generators working on solar energy, from a hospital in Saraf Umra locality. The director of the hospital in Birkat Seira, Dr Mustafa Abaker Mustafa, also reported that medicines and hospital equipments were damaged during the robbery on Monday.  

Vehicle intercepted

Meanwhile in the Jebel 'Amer gold mining area in El Sareif Beni Hussein locality, pro- government militia members intercepted a commercial vehicle while it was on its way to Saraf Umra. The militants, driving in a Land Cruiser, intercepted the vehicle at gunpoint and beat the passengers with rifle butts. The passengers were alternately robbed of their money, gold and mobile phones.

One of the victims revealed to Dabanga that the vehicle owner, named Adam Bella, was seriously injured and taken to a hospital in El Geneina for treatment.

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