Listen: Radio Dabanga journalist interviewed by BBC World Service on the desperate situation in West Darfur

Children displaced by the violence in El Geneina in makeshift shelters (RD)


Radio Dabanga journalist Amgad Abdelgadir was recently interviewed by Alan Kasujja for the June 21 episode of the BBC World Service Africa Daily podcast, entitled How desperate is the situation in El Geneina? to discuss the ongoing situation on the ground in the West Darfur capital.

Abdelgadir gave a brief overview and analysis of the current crisis. He explained to the BBC that the region “has long since been embroiled in conflict” and the ongoing violence against civilians in El Geneina is further compounded “with the already high burden of food insecurity”.

Abdelgadir goes on to provide context about the recent assassination of West Darfur Governor Khamees Abakar: “Some would say his killing is part of a further effort by the Rapid Support Forces and Arab militants, to try and consolidate control and further their own interests ahead of the non-Arab ethnic groups, such as the Masalit, which Khamees Abakar belonged to”.

The podcast includes an audio excerpt from an interview Radio Dabanga conducted with the Assistant Commissioner of Refugees in West Darfur in early June.

Listen to the podcast here : BBC Africa Daily: How desperate is the situation in El Geneina?