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Kordofan nazirs released after weeks of detention

January 5 - 2018 EN NAHUD
Darfur elders (file photo)
Darfur elders (file photo)

Two tribal leaders have been released from detention after more than two weeks in West Kordofan, during which no specific charges were raised against them.

On Wednesday the security authorities in West Kordofan released the deputy nazirs (leaders) of the Ajaira and Falata tribes: Ismail Hamdein and Hamid El Boudi respectively.

Hasan Sheikheldin, the head of the local National Umma Party (NUP), told Radio Dabanga that the authorities laid no specific charges against them. “The sole purpose of the arrest was to pressure the two nazirs to stop the disputes between the Zuyoud and Awlad Omran clans in the area.”

Sheikheldin described the detention as “ill-considered” as it would not affect the killings among the members of the two clans. He said that the authorities have failed to implement the reconciliations that the two parties signed, in the event of conflicts.

The Falata tribe in neighbouring South Darfur state signed a reconciliation agreement with the Salamat tribe in May 2016.

“The reasons of the tribal conflict in the region is because of the absence of the governmental authorities, who do not arrest the perpetrators of crimes and bring them to justice. […] this in addition to the spread of arms in the hands of civilians,” said Shaikheldin.

Last month President Omar Al Bashir imposed the State of Emergency in North Kordofan and Kassala states and extended the collection campaign of illegal weapons to these states, as well as West and South Kordofan.

Fellata tribesmen arrested
In November 2017 in South Darfur, paramilitary forces and the security service arrested seven leading members of the Fellata tribe in Tullus locality. The nazir of the Falata tribe's native administration, Yousif El Samani, told Radio Dabanga that the joint forces arrested the tribesmen when they failed to hand over wanted Falata tribesmen.

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