Fellata and Salamat commit to peace, compensations

The feuding tribes have signed a reconciliation agreement in Kass, South Darfur, committing to the deployment of soldiers in the affected areas and the compensation for the victims of the tribal fighting.

The feuding Fellata and Salamat tribes have signed a reconciliation agreement under the auspices of the Darfur Regional Authority in Kass, South Darfur. The delegations committed to the deployment of military forces in the areas of tribal conflict and the financial compensation for men and women who were killed during tribal fighting.

The high-preparatory committee for the tribal peace conference, that lasted nearly a week, also inventarised the financial losses and compensation the Fellata and Salamat following their clashes in Buram locality in February.

“The total losses and damage amount to about SDG6 million ($976,365), including blood money to be paid,” Fellata native administration leader Yousif El Samani told Radio Dabanga yesterday. He said that the agreement commits both parties to implementing the reconciliation issues that were signed by the two tribes on 13 Julty 2015.

Salamat leader Habib Omar welcomed the agreement and called on all tribesmen to resort to the voice of reason. “It is not a new agreement, but a restoration of the earlier signed agreements, which were violated by both parties.”

Omar said that the losses of the Fellata amount to SDG3 million ($488,180), while those of the Salamat are more than SDG1 million ($162,730).

South Darfur Governor Adam El Faki announced the release of the detained native administration members of both tribes, after they agreed to signing individual pledges. He vowed to launch “fierce military campaigns” in the affected localities in order to prosecute the outlaws, starting next week.

“Whoever destabilises security and stability will be considered an outlaw and will be deterred according to the law,” El Faki said.

Blood money

Osman El Tom, member of the Ajaweed committee (tribal mediators), explained to Radio Dabanga that the conference agreed on the amounts of financial compensation for victims of tribal conflicts. “The Ajaweed and the two tribes agreed that the blood money for a killed man is SDG10,000 ($1,630), for a woman it is SDG5,000 ($813).

In addition, the compensation for a killed camel is 3,000 pounds ($488), a horse 2,500 pounds ($407), and a cow 1,500 pounds ($244).”

In February fierce clashes erupted between militant tribesmen in Nadhif. A cattle theft southwest of Gireida reportedly caused the tensions. 84 Fellata and Salamat tribesmen, mdas and native administration members were detained for their suspected provoking of the tribal clashes.