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Khartoum security arrests 110 Darfuri students, attacks protesters

March 14 - 2014 OMDURMAN

The security service in Omdurman used tear gas against the demonstrators, and beat them, after they attended the commemoration of the killed student which was held on Friday. At least two demonstrators were injured by the security. 110 Darfuri students were arrested in Khartoum.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that thousands of citizens in Umbadda in Omdurman participated in the memorial service of Ali Abakar Musa Idris, a student at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Khartoum, who was assassinated by security forces during protests on Tuesday. The service was led by the family of the deceased, students, university professors, political figures, and civil society organisations. The memorial place was surrounded by hundreds of heavily armed vehicles of the security service, the source said.

Anti-government slogans

The attendants shouted the slogans 'Killing a student is killing a nation', 'The killing of a student means revolution', and 'You will not be in peace, assassin Omar Al Bashir' during the commemoration. They demanded to “stop the systematic killing and torturing of Darfuri students”.

After the memorial service, the crowd started demonstrating for the departure of the Khartoum regime. The security service and police forces used tear gas against the demonstrators, and beat them, injuring at least two people.

Darfuri students arrested

Meanwhile, the security forces arrested 110 Darfuri students, and forced hundreds of Darfuri students out of their student houses, against the backdrop of the protest and assassination of Idris on Tuesday.

The police has taken 300 Darfuri students into custody since the events on Tuesday, and released 190 of them so far. 110 remain in detention”, Ahmed Ali Ahmed, spokesman for the Darfur Students' Association, told Radio Dabanga.

Students displaced, 'homeless'

He stressed that the security service is chasing the Darfuri students, as they forced out all of the students living in the girls' and boys' dormitories in a complex of the university. “Because of that, a lot of Darfuri students are now homeless.”

A female Darfuri student told Radio Dabanga on Friday that the “between 1,000 and 1,200” girls living in the Khadija bint Khuwaylidin Bahri complex were also forced out.

Ahmed ensured that the students' association is going to continue its peaceful protests until the government arrests the killed of Ali Abakar Musa Idris. “The Darfur Regional Authority can play a role in this trend.”

The Darfur Bar Association, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), Amnesty International, and the Sudanese Committee of Solidarity with the Victims of the September Demonstrations have all condemned the violence used against demonstrators during the past days and the killing of one demonstrator, and have called upon the authorities to bring the killer to justice.

File photo: The body of Ali Abakar Musa Idris being released from the morgue in Khartoum (


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