EU concerned about East Darfur tribal fighting

The EU follows the widely denounced tribal fighting in Abu Karinka, which led to many deaths, with a press statement. It expresses full support to aid organisations.

The European Union has expressed its concern about the violence happening in East Darfur and calls for humanitarian access to help those affected by the fighting between the Rizeigat and Ma’aliya tribes.

At a meeting of EU diplomats on Wednesday, the inter-tribal fighting at Abu Karinka town was discussed. The fighting caused the loss of lives on both sides, many injuries and a new wave of displacement.  

The European diplomats are deeply concerned about the resumption of fighting, according to a press statement. They say that the fighting was foreseeable and further undermines the security and stability situation in Darfur.  

They called on the parties to refrain from fighting and urged the authorities to protect civilians from harm, strengthen their efforts to appease the situation and complete a peaceful and enduring solution to the roots of the conflict. They also urged the Sudanese religious and traditional leaders and civil society to speak up, act and assist the mediation efforts.

The European diplomats expressed full support to the request of humanitarian organisations to be given immediate and unhindered access to enable them to assist people in need.