South Darfur requests Unamid to compensate for Kass before exit

South Darfur state requests the mission to compensate for the victims of Kass incidents in April. The government claims it agreed on the exit strategy for the mission.

The South Darfur State government has revealed that it requested the United Nations-African Union peacekeeping Mission in Darfur (Unamid) to pay the amount of SDG 480,000 ($79,720), as a compensation for the victims of the incidents in Kass on 23 and 24 April.

Unknown attackers opened fire on Unamid troops on 23 April at a water well in Kass, 85 km northwest of Nyala. Four of the assailants were killed in the ensuing gunfight, and one was injured. Two peacekeepers sustained injuries too. The next morning, a Unamid patrol was attacked near the mission’s base in Kass. Four peacekeepers were wounded, a spokesman for the mission told Radio Dabanga.

There were conflicting reports from witnesses and the authorities saying that the assailants were in fact civilians who meant no harm to the peacekeepers.

On Tuesday the government claimed that an agreement was reached between the Unamid, stating that government forces will maintain security in Darfur after the mission has left Darfur.

Ali Karti, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, told this to Sudan News Agency after briefing the First Vice-President about the mission's exit strategy. He explained that there is an agreement that the government forces will secure the area after the exit.

He added that the discussions with Unamid are focused on developing the idea to be signed.

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