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Driver injured as Unamid/WFP convoy ambushed in North Darfur

March 11 - 2015 KUTUM LOCALITY
Unamid convoy in North Darfur (file photo: Albert González Farran / Unamid)
Unamid convoy in North Darfur (file photo: Albert González Farran / Unamid)

A joint convoy of Unamid and the World Food Programme (WFP) was ambushed in the area of Nina in North Darfur on Tuesday.

A driver was injured, and the attackers made-off with two vehicles and their drivers. Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the largely empty convoy, en route from Kutum to the state capital of El Fasher, was stopped by militiamen driving Land Cruisers mounted with Dushka machineguns.

The men first pillaged a large vehicle loaded with smaller vehicles, before driving off with a fuel tanker. The remainder of the convoy then returned to Kutum.

Unamid spokesman Ashraf Eisa confirmed to Radio Dabanga that the joint convoy of Unamid and WFP lorries was ambushed “just 36 kilometres south of Kutum by an unidentified armed group.”

According to Eisa, Unamid exchanged fire with the attackers, forcing them to flee. One of the lorry drivers was slightly injured in the attack, and was transferred to one of the Mission’s hospitals. He confirmed that two of the Mission’s lorries were taken in the attack, and that the mission is still investigating the incident.

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