Displaced in North Darfur camp “beg for food”

Many displaced people living in Zamzam camp are facing a lack of food and medicines. Some of them are seen begging for food in El Fasher.

Large numbers of displaced living at Zamzam camp, south of North Darfur's capital El Fasher, face “tragic and disastrous” humanitarian conditions, owing to shortages of food and medicines.

“About 89,000 people arrived in Zamzam in the year 2014-2015,” an activist in the camp reported to Radio Dabanga. “Some of them were registered by the humanitarian organisations, others were not. The problem is that none of them have been receiving any of the food that is distributed in the camp.”

The activist explained that the situation worsened to the point that some of them have started to beg for food in the neighbourhoods and markets of El Fasher.

He appealed to the humanitarian organisations to speed up the delivery and provision of aid to the displaced people.