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Dialogue parties criticise Sudan govt. handling of economic crisis, demos

January 18 - 2018 KHARTOUM
Popular protests in Khartoum this week (File photo: RD)
Popular protests in Khartoum this week (File photo: RD)

15 political groupings participating in the national dialogue have harshly attacked the government because of the economic crisis, rise of prices and scarcity of essential goods and condemned the use of excessive violence and repression against the peaceful protests.

On Tuesday, the political parties including the Reform Now and the Just Peace Forum issues a joint statement, stressing that the continuation of the current approach in managing the economic crisis will lead to further deterioration and hardship in the lives of citizens.

They said the economic crisis is attributed to the imbalance in the political structure, disorder in the systems of state administration and weak governance mechanisms.

They condemned the authorities' handling of peaceful demonstrations with security tools, repressive methods and excessive force, this along with condemning the government's failure to implement the outcomes of the dialogue.

The parties stressed their commitment to combat the budget, which they described as a disaster and called on the authorities to allow freedom to all political forces to express their positions.

Popular Congress Party

Kamal Omar, the head of the Popular Congress Party alliance in Parliament, called on his party and the other parties participating in the government to break the partnership and demand the formation of a transitional government.

He described the talk about the outcomes of the dialogue after the budget as absurd.

In an interview with Radio Dabanga, he launched a fierce attack on first VP and Prime Minister, Bakri Hassan Saleh and described him as a failure in the management of the government responsible for implementing the outcomes of the dialogue.

He said Saleh was interested in satisfying his commander, in reference to Al Bashir, at the expense of implementing the outcomes of the dialogue.

Omar steeped harsh criticism on the forces that have participated in the national dialogue and accused them of ensuring their authoritarian gains at the expense of the implementation of the outcomes of the dialogue.

He explained that the meeting of the coordinating committee for the implementation of the outcomes of the dialogue held yesterday focused on issues related to the commissions rather than focusing on the issues of interest to the Sudanese street.

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