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'Darfur turning into Somalia'

November 1 - 2011 KHARTOUM

Human rights groups says the situation is worsening; that international actors are repeating their mistakes by looking away and staying silent

Darfur is witnessing a 'Somalization', a Sudanese human rights group announced in its weekly report on Tuesday.

Sudan Democracy First Group (SDFG), an organization that propagates democratization in the country, said in its newsletter: “Darfur is moving towards a Somalia scenario, and regrettably international actors are gradually taking the same positions they have towards Somalia: neglect and silence.”

The group blamed the “agents of the NCP (National Congress Party)” for motivating and supporting the human rights atrocities taking place in the region.

It added, “SDFG believes that the intellectual bankruptcy and gang mentality of the NCP is driving Darfurians to eradicate each other – farmers and pastoralists, natives and migrants.”

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