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Child dies in Darfur, food scarce as floods isolate villages in eastern Sudan

July 31 - 2018 EL GEZIRA / MELLIT / ABRI
Flood devastation in Kassala last week (RD)
Flood devastation in Kassala last week (RD)

The residents of Hillet Musa in the area of El Meilig in El Kamlin locality of Sudan’s El Gezira state are suffering from a severe scarcity of food supplies and difficulty of moving to and from the village following the heavy rains in the area on Sunday morning which caused demolition of many houses and flooded and destroyed large tracts of farmland. A child has died in North Darfur.

El Rasheed Amer, told Radio Dabanga from Hillet Musa that they are walking on foot to get some foodstuffs and that the wheat and grain saved by the villagers for the coming months are damaged by 80 per cent because of the rain.

He added that the heavy rains destroyed dozens of homes and that other houses are about to fall at any moment.

North Darfur

Heavy rains and floods have resulted in the death of a child and destruction of houses in Mellit of North Darfur

It also led to the collapse of schools and government facilities in Um Keddada and El Malha.

Torrential rains have led to the collapse of dozens of houses in Kass in South Darfur, including 595 houses in the displacement camps, along with great material losses.

Northern State

Rains and torrents in Abri area in Sudan’s Northern State caused homes to collapse in the areas of Abri, Amara, Kush, Atab, Jinis, Aranti and Humeid West.

As reported by Radio Dabanga yesterday, Torrential rains caused the death of four people in West Kordofan over the weekend. More than 200 houses were destroyed in North Kordofan and North Darfur. Schools in eastern Sudan remain closed.

Four people drowned at the Abu Zabad dam in West Kordofan on Sunday morning.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that the incident occurred when the four attempted to cross the dam. A police team recovered their bodies.

The area of En Nahud in West Kordofan was seriously affected by torrential rainfall last week. Hundreds of families are living in the open after their houses collapsed.

On Saturday, Presidential Assistant Dr Feisal Hasan Ibrahim visited En Nahud and announced the formation of a national committee for the reconstruction of the 2,500 houses and other buildings affected by the rains.

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