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West Kordofan floods leave hundreds of families destitute

July 27 - 2018 EN NAHUD
Flood devastation in Sudan (RD)
Flood devastation in Sudan (RD)

Hundreds of affected families in En Nahud in West Kordofan where at least three people died and hundreds of houses and shops collapsed due to rains and floods on Monday are still in the open without any assistance.

One of the victims told Radio Dabanga that they are in desperate need of tents and beds, plastic sheets and food.

He expressed concern about the deterioration of the environmental situation and the emergence of watery diarrhoea and that it might rain again in the absence of any aid, pointing that more than 1,000 families are still in the open.

El Gezira

The suffering of hundreds of people affected by the rains that occurred during the last days in El Gezira state has increased, while the emergency room in state has recorded six deaths, including two children and a child who sustained injury.

The head of the emergency room, chief of police, Abdelmunim Yousef, said that the field operations in the localities and administrative units reported that 195 families have been affected by the rain, which led to the total collapse of 95 houses, and partial collapse of more than 90 houses and caused the collapse of 175 toilets.

Residents told Radio Dabanga that the water is still surrounding the villages of localities, El Kamlin, El Hasaheisa and El Managil, with no pumps available to drain the water.

The heavy rains caused the collapse of more than 40 toilets in Hillet Mousa of El Mueilig rural area.

A resident said the rain also caused a complete collapse of three houses with the continued collapse of walls and toilets in addition to the destruction of quantities of beans, this in addition to overflowing agricultural lands.

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