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Central Darfur security force student to write pledge

December 15 - 2015 ZALINGEI
Students clashes at Zalingei University (Radio Dabanga)
Students clashes at Zalingei University (Radio Dabanga)

Security agents detained a university student in Zalingei, capital of Central Darfur, today, and forced him to pledge never to take part in a student platform again.

Last week, clashes erupted between students of the United Popular Front (UPF) and militant student members of the ruling National Congress Party at the campus of the Zalingei University, a student told Radio Dabanga.

In response, security agents filed a complaint against ten UPF students. The Zalingei District Court however adjourned the after the security failed to bring in witnesses for the prosecution, he explained.

Immediately after the adjournment this [Tuesday] morning, security officers seized Seifeldin Adam Ahmed, one of the accused students, and took him to their offices, where they questioned him for four hours.

The officers forced Ahmed to confirm in writing that he will not speech or participate in any student platform again. They threatened him with all kinds of torture, in case he breaks the pledge.

The other students accused by the Central Darfur security appartus are Tarig Yagoub Ishag, Tawfig El Nur, Hassoun Abdelmoula, Abdelatif Yousef, El Rashid Mohamed Adam, Haroun Abdeljabbar, Hala El Sadeg Abakar, Jawahir Adam, and Mohamed Mousa.

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