EU Brussels talks seek conflict resolution in Sudan

The EU headquarters in Brussels (File photo: Kyle Wagaman - Creative Commons)

Representatives of a wide range of political perspectives in Sudan met in Brussels on Thursday to discuss ideas on how to shape a peaceful future for the people of Sudan. This event materialises the European Union’s contribution to stop the fighting in the country, secure access to humanitarian assistance and resume the transition to democracy.

In a statement, the high representative of the EU Josep Borrell said that the EU is appalled by the brutality and the total disregard shown by the warrying parties towards people in Sudan.

“Over 1,100 people were killed and another 12,000 were injured. More than three million people have been displaced and sexual and gender-based violence is prevalent.”

He emphasised that the situation in Darfur is particularly dire.” The accounts of survivors echo the horrors of the grave violations against the people of Darfur 20 years ago. We cannot let history repeat itself.

“Leaders need to know that the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is already investigating crimes on the ground.

“The EU stands ready to consider the use of all means at its disposal including restrictive measures to contribute to putting an end to the conflict and encourage peace,” Borrell concluded.

Radio Dabanga reported on Thursday that the EU proposed a comprehensive sanctions framework for Sudan to target the financiers and actors responsible for the ongoing war between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.