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Border Guards, Central Reserve Forces attack citizens in Darfur: source

October 6 - 2013 El MALHA / MERSHING

Residents of El Malha in North Darfur reportedly witnessed fierce gunfire on Sunday morning.

A witness told Radio Dabanga that the residents of El Malha were woken at about 3am by sounds of intense gunfire “coming from all directions.”

Later they understood that a vehicle of the Border Guards had been stolen from their premises and that the Border Guards were allegedly taking revenge.

In Mershing, South Darfur, shops were closed and residents fled to their houses on Saturday because of a fight between a potato dealer and Central Reserve Forces (Abu Tira).

Members of the Central Reserve Forces wanted to confiscate his goods and arrest him. The potato dealer resisted them fiercely.

The witness could not tell if the quarrel was resolved, since he himself also fled the scene.

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