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Murderers of merchant and wife captured by SLM-MM in North Darfur

October 6 - 2013 TAWILA

The Minni Minawi faction of the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM-MM) has captured seven members of the Osman Ibrahim Musa-faction who have admitted to killing a merchant and his wife on Wednesday in Nima, North Darfur.

The Military Spokesman for the SLM-MM, Adam Salih, told Radio Dabanga that the SLM-MM troops, led by Colonel Ahmed Nour (also known as Abu Digin) arrested seven of a group of eight suspects in the killing of the merchant Eisa Ahmed Osman and his wife Kaltoum Ramadan on Wednesday in Nima, 5km south of Tawila town.

The troops also seized four Land Cruisers loaded with weapons and a HICE (hydrogen-powered) car belonging to Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), according to Salih.

The Spokesman said that the offenders have admitted the crime and that the relatives of the merchant and his wife have been compensated. The eighth offender, Ahmed Atim (also known as Dukour) fled and is still being pursued by SLM-MM troops.

The SLM-MM Humanitarian Affairs Department has contacted MSF to return the HICE car to the organisation.

Salih stressed that the SLM-MM “will decisively deal with anyone who attacks, kills or robs citizens.”

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