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At least 200 injured in 'Break the Chains' Marches of the Millions in Sudan

Thousands went out in the 'Breaking the Chains' Marches of the Millions that headed to the Tahrir Square in Bahri in solidarity with the detainees (social media)
Thousands went out in the 'Breaking the Chains' Marches of the Millions that headed to the Tahrir Square in Bahri in solidarity with the detainees (social media)

Large crowds demonstrated in Khartoum and other states in the February 21 Marches of Millions yesterday, which the Resistance Committees called the 'Breaking the Chains' demonstrations in order to demand the release of detainees. More than 200 protesters were injured as authorities intervened with excessive violence.

Demonstrators reported that the February 21 protests against the military regime were subjected to excessive violence, including the heavy firing of live ammunition and tear gas.

Activists from the Resistance Committees told Radio Dabanga that the Omdurman processions were subjected to excessive repression near the El Azhari square to prevent the protesters from reaching the Shambat bridge to Khartoum North to participate in the Marches of the Millions there.

The Khartoum procession heading to the Republican Palace was also subjected to excessive violence, including tear gas and live ammunition firing. 

In all places, the demonstrators demanded the immediate release of all political detainees, the overthrow of the military coup regime, and a full transition to civilian democratic rule.


In Khartoum, 87 injured protesters received care in the city’s hospitals. 20 people were hit by tear gas canisters. 12 were of them sustained head injuries and three of them had to be transferred to specialised hospitals.  

Another protester was injured in the eye by shrapnel from a stun grenade and was transferred to a specialised hospital.

A man was run over by a large police vehicle, injuring his right leg, and a child suffered a broken rib due to a scramble.

All injured protesters in Khartoum are currently in stable conditions. A boy, however, was accidentally killed as a normal truck attempted to circumvent a street barricade in the Burri neighbourhood yesterday. The incident took place in front of the Amseeyati lounge. 

Barricades in Khartoum (social media)


Khartoum North (Bahri)

Activist Nazem Saraj reported that a large number of demonstrators were wounded in Khartoum North (Bahri), at least two of them by live ammunition. Saraj explained that many of the injured were unable to reach the International Hospital in Khartoum North and said that forces fired tear gas inside the Taga Hospital in Omdurman

67 injured protesters were able to reach the hospital and dozens had to be rescued on the ground.

Of the two protesters that were shot with live ammunition, the first was shot in the left foot, breaking 3 toes and shattering the bones, whilst the second protester was shot twice, in both the left leg and the right-hand finger.

Another protester sustained an injury by a rubber bullet in the right leg. Six demonstrators were run over by police trucks, including children, some of whom sustained serious injuries.

The Socialist Doctors Association also reported injuries by rubber bullets and tear gas “as a result of the excessive repression with which government forces confronted the peaceful protesters”.

'Six demonstrators were run over by police trucks, including children'


In Omdurman, at least 33 protesters were injured, a witness told Radio Dabanga. 16 protesters were injured by tear gas canisters, of which ten sustained headwounds.

One protester was injured by shrapnel from a stun grenade and yet another sustained a leg injury after being shot with a rubber bullet. Another five protesters were brutally beaten.

Eastern and Southern Sudan

In Port Sudan in Red Sea state, military forces attacked the protesters heading to the government secretariat. They injured at least four people with tear gas canisters. Two protesters sustained head injuries, one was wounded in the chest and another in the abdomen. Another four protesters suffered suffocation and are in unstable condition. An unknown number of protesters was detained.  

In Wad Madani, capital of El Gezira, the Resistance Committees reported a massive detention campaign in the city and announced the organisation of the February 22 Marches of Millions today, as the next step of "the revolutionary escalation". They also blocked a road in protest against the excessive violence used by government forces. Another demonstrator was injured by a tear gas canister there yesterday. 

In El Duweim in White Nile state, El Obeid in North Kordofan, and El Gedaref and Kassala in eastern Sudan, demonstrations took place as well.

Surprise Marches of the Millions

Yesterday's demonstrations had been pre-planned, but surprise demonstrations took place on Sunday, in which at least 92 protesters were injured and one person was killed. Another spontaneous set of demonstrations has been called today.

Excessive violence has been used by authorities in almost all demonstrations against the October 25 military coup. Possibly thousands have been injured and at least 83 protesters have been killed.

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