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Sudan doctors: One dead, 92 injured in surprise demonstrations

February 21 - 2022 KHARTOUM
KHARTOUM Excessive tear gas used against protesters at last month's March of the Millions demo (Social media)
KHARTOUM Excessive tear gas used against protesters at last month's March of the Millions demo (Social media)

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) reported the death of protester, during yesterday’s surprise March of the Millions demonstrations in Khartoum North (Bahri), originally scheduled for today.

According to the doctors, Feisal Abdelrahman (51), died after being shot in the chest by government forces during March of the Millions demonstrations. The committee said in a statement yesterday, that Abdelrahman was admitted to Khartoum North Hospital where he underwent a limb amputation. He then went out to the balcony to breathe some air after feeling distressed inside the ward, as a result of heavy tear gas, only to be shot in the chest by coup forces.

The CCSD has reported 92 injuries as a result of the suppression by coup forces. Two people were injured as a result of being shot. They are both in a stable condition. The majority of injuries suffered in the protests were caused by tear gas cannisters. A total of 56 injuries were reported, as a result of cannisters being shot at protesters, with a further eight instances of injury from the cannisters causing suffocation. The CCSD also reported that three protestors were run over by military vehicles.

Despite the heavy firing of tear gas cannisters and excessive violence, the Khartoum demonstrators were able to break the security barriers and reach El Gasr Street, leading to the Republican Palace, on four occasions. A large number of processions gathered in the Ed Deim neighbourhood south of downtown Khartoum, also proceeded towards the Republican Palace, chanting slogans calling for complete civil rule and retribution for the martyrs.

The demonstrators bypassed the Sharwani bus station in Khartoum for the first time in more than a month, and the procession became a hit-and-run exchange between the demonstrators and the military forces between El Gasr Street and the railway near Sharwani.

The authorities pre-empted the demonstration by closing the Blue Nile Bridge, as well as closing of most of the main roads in central Khartoum, which caused severe traffic congestion.


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