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Bank of Khartoum dismisses 40 more critical employees

February 22 - 2022 KHARTOUM
An ATM of the Bank of Khartoum (
An ATM of the Bank of Khartoum (

The Bank of Khartoum dismissed 40 employees in various branches of the bank yesterday. This brings the total number of employees who have been dismissed after expressing their opinion or participating in a workers' protest to 62.

Dismissed employee Abdelrahman Mohamed Nour described the procedures for their dismissal as 'arbitrary'. He explained that the employees' protest was aimed at improving the work environment and reforming salaries and said that the bank's management had not fulfilled its promises to implement the demands raised last year. 

Since the October 25 military coup, the situation at the Bank of Khartoum has been uneasy.

Nour explained that the October 25 military coup and the dissolution of the steering committees led to a governance vacuum that the employees tried to fill by nominating representatives of the branches and establishing the bank's employees' initiative that presented proposals and demands to the management. 

The management, however, dismissed 22 critical employees last year. This led to escalating steps from the employees' initiative, including strike action to demand the return of the dismissed at the end of December. These demands were ignored.


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