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Women detained at Sudan water crisis protest

March 22 - 2016 EL GEDAREF
Water carts line-up in Sudan (File photo)
Water carts line-up in Sudan (File photo)

A number of women who took to the streets of El Gism El Awsat in protest against the water crisis in Sudan’s El Gedaref state on Monday were detained by police.

The protest demanded that authorities find a solution to the dire water crisis that most of the city’s districts are experiencing.

On Monday Buthaina Adam, the head of El Gedaref women’s union told Radio Dabanga that a number of women detainees we detained, and later released on personal bail.

She said that there were no substantial grounds for the women’s arrest as those involved were exercising a right guaranteed by law.

She appealed to local authorities of El Gedaref to distribute water in a fair timely manner so that all can get their share.

Night delivery

She said the administration is distributes water late at night, which makes it difficult for many families to keep waiting until the early dawn hours.

Amal Saad, member El Gedaref State Legislative Council pointed out that the lack of water storage coming from poor water sources is one of the aspects that have exacerbated the crisis.

She added that the amount of water is not enough to meet the needs of citizens and suggested that the solution lies in the fairness of its distribution.

She pointed out that some pipes that feed the water tanks are blocked because of neglect by the water administration.

Saad confirmed that the mountainous site of some of the districts which are difficult to access is also among the factors that have exacerbated the crisis.

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