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WFP: 3,3 million in Darfur receive food rations

September 2 - 2012 KHARTOUM

WFP announced the number of people receiving food rations in Darfur reached 3,3 million in the month July. The total number of beneficiaries includes around 1,8 million displaced people from camps in Darfur, according to statistics currently available.

Adham Musallam, WFP field coordination director in Sudan, clarified in an interview with Radio Dabanga that the total figure includes about 870.000 people who received seasonal aid. He added that another 507 people received milling vouchers. In addition, another 212.000 people received vouchers from WFP for food rations distributed by traders for the month of July.

Musallam described the food distribution programme and re-registration process as “progressing well”. He expects the complete process for the camps to be finalized before the end of the year. The WFP field coordination director added that expectations are the final numbers will be presented before the end of the year as well.

During the same interview, Musallam informed Radio Dabanga about the completion of re-registration of 1,35 million displaced people until now. He emphasized the numbers are not final as the registration process is still ongoing. Some camps have not started the process yet. He said that after completion of the camps' process, the second phase will start. The second phase concentrates on beneficiaries outside of the camps, estimated at about 1,5 million people.

North Darfur:

Musallam announced the completion of food distribution to 22.474 displaced in Kassab camp and 3.673 in Fatta Barno camp in North Darfur on Sunday September 2. He denied the looting of WFP storages in the camp during the recent incidents in Kutum. Musallam assured there is no WFP storage in Kutum and explained a WFP office in Kutum was looted. “The office did not store any food items, only office supplies”, the WFP field coordination director added.

South Darfur:

Concerning South Darfur, Musallam disclosed the food distribution to about 82.000 displaced in Kalma camp, including to 2.500 pregnant women and to children. He expressed hope that soon the aid will arrive and distribution, to 23.000 school children, will start. He thanked the displaced people and Sheikhs of Kalma camp for their understanding of WFP's work strategy and for reaching a solution on the re-registration process.

Central Darfur:

Sheikh Ibrahim Abd El-Karim Mohammed, head of Garsela camps, told Radio Dabanga the re-registration process revealed an increase of 5.000 displaced persons in Garsela camps. The number of displaced went up from 27.522 to 32.772.

The sheikh added that WFP and IOM are collaborating with the Sudanese Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and started distribution of food vouchers last Monday August 27. Sheikh Ibrahim appealed to the displaced who did not yet receive the vouchers to attend the card distribution so they can receive the vouchers.

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