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Water tariff increase in East Darfur

March 1 - 2016 ED DAEIN
A donkey carries water in Sudan (Oxfam)
A donkey carries water in Sudan (Oxfam)

Life in East Darfur has become more expensive now that the water price has increased, along with rising prices for fuel, corn, and flour.

Residents have strongly criticised the state legislative council for passing the increased water tariff. One listener in Asalaya locality has decided to submit a memorandum to the locality commissioner in protest of the decision.

Abdullatif Abdallah Saleh, a youth in Assalaya, told Radio Dabanga that the increase in the price for a barrel of water transported by donkey rose from SDG3 to 5 ($.080). In the market, a barrel used to cost SDG12 ($1.95), but the price is now adjusted to 20 pounds ($3.25).

“The Commissioner will see our memorandum on Tuesday,” Saleh told this station yesterday.

Last week, people in East Darfur reported that since Khartoum’s announcement of price increases in January, the price for fuel and bus tickets in the state has soared. In addition, vendors had to increase the prices for basic commodities.

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